Teaching Philosophy
Vision Statement
ISBS (International School & Business Services) provides consulting services to American schools and businesses wishing to expand to Sub-Saharan Africa and need help in identifying potential distributors and partners and other services as needed.
Other services include fostering partnerships between local and foreign universities, college admission, American international school development, school management, school conversions (converting existing private schools into American international schools), school acquisitions, school partnerships, school accreditation (including International Baccalaureate) assistance, curriculum development, professional development for teachers and administrators, college tours, new school school business plan assistance.
Our vision is to develop 21st Century American international school communities where students are informed and formed to become productive global citizens; with skills and values that excel in a complex, interconnected, and changing world.
Mision Statement
In all schools that we develop, partner with, convert, or manage, our mission will be to offer a United States curriculum and international baccalaureate program that will prepare students to become global citizens, and to grow in self-knowledge in order to become productive and responsible citizens with a capacity for lifelong learning, and a pathway for continued studies in the United States.
"Curriculum as a process of constructing life involves the manipulation of the learning environment which in turn introduces cognitive conflict and curricular disequilibrium into students’ curricular constructions. Student construct knowledge for themselves as they deal with the cognitive struggle to restore curricular equilibrium." 
"Learning is a personal and spiritual enterprise that deserves prayerful 

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