School Accreditation Assistance
American International School Development
Curriculum Development
Just as in the United States, ISBS Schools curricula will be based on AERO Common Core Plus (American Education Reaches Out) standards and benchmarks but the organizing center will be International Baccalaureate education. Student learning experiences will be designed around the eight IB (International Baccalaureate) subjects - English, Math, Science, Language Acquisition, Art (performing arts and visual arts), Physical Education, Design, and Individuals and Society in a way that meets local requirements as well. Extra-curricular activities such as sports, theater, choir, dance, debate club, foreign language club, technology club, arts and crafts, etc. will be offered to students. Each student is required to learn and participate in at least one sport, belong to one academic club, and one social club. In addition to extra-curricular activities during the regular school period, there will be summer program at our schools. Five-week summer program will culminate in a trip to the United States. The US trip will focus on college tours and visits to landmarks in the US.
School Conversions & Management
Due to the inefficiency of public education (in Sub-Sahara African and Nigeria in particular), there is an upsurge of private school and international school proprietorship. There are so many school proprietors without any school-based professional experience except the fact that they passed through a school of some sort. No doubt the opportunity exists but the competition is out there as well. Therefore, proprietors that lack the required school-based professional experience/background (or fail to hire someone who has) or lack access to sufficient funding do not see any pathway for sustainable growth and fizzle out with time. 
The opportunity is even bigger for American schools. In Lagos, Nigeria for example, there are hundreds of international schools of which 99.9% are all British and other school variations from Europe. There is currently one American International School operating in Lagos, and a second one set to open in 2018. Our team is willing to work with proprietors seeking to convert their existing school to American international schools so long as the right structures and resources are in place for such conversion.
Globalization and its demand for global education has made American education a  "must-have" for competition within the global market. Public education in some parts of the  world is under-resourced and ill-equipped to to prepare students to problem-solve and meet the challenging complexities of the global workforce. At ISBS, we aim to develop new American international schools around the globe with emphasis in Sub-Sahara African and Southern Nigeria in particular. We will offer United States curriculum from Prekindergarten to high school (k-12), and International Baccalaureate program. Upon graduation from high school, in addition to local Nigerian exams and diplomas, students will hold United States High School Diploma, International Baccalaureate Diploma, and passing scores in SAT or ACT- all of which will pave way for continued education in United States colleges and universities.
Professional Development
With our team of professionals, ISBS will provide professional development to schools in these and other areas:
  • Curriculum Development – Scope and Sequence
  • Curriculum Mapping
  • Standard-based Assessments
  • Balanced Literacy Instruction
  • Balanced Math Instruction
  • Instructional Rounds in Elementary and Secondary Schools
  • School Culture and Climate
  • Project-based Learning
  • Unpacking Standards of Learning
  • School Management
  • Benchmark and Interim Assessments
  • Instructional Leadership Team (ILT)
  • Teacher Evaluation and Coaching
  • Professional Learning Communities (PLC)
  • School Effective Framework
  • Teacher Teams
  • School Budget and Finance 
  • Scheduling  
  • Technology in Elementary and High Schools
  • Data Driven Instruction
  • SWPBIS – School-wide Positive Behavior Intervention System
  • MTSS – Multi Tier Systems of Support
  • Social and Emotional Learning
Our international schools will be accredited by The Middle States Association Commissions on Elementary and Secondary Schools (MSA-CESS) in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in United States, International Baccalaureate, and Council for International Schools (CIS). MSA-CESS will ensure that quality education that meets AERO Common Core Plus (American Education Reaches Out) standards and benchmarks are being provided to students. With IB (International Baccalaureate accreditation), students earn college credits while in high school. IB high school credits are transferable to most universities around the globe. For example International Baccalaureate Program (IB) credit is granted at Bethany College West Virginia for Higher Level examination scores of 4 or better in all International Baccalaureate subjects to a maximum of 32 semester hours of combined CLEP, AP, and IB credit. What all of this means is that students who graduate from our schools will have college and university credits from all eight IB subjects - English, Math, Science, Language Acquisition, Art (performing arts and visual arts), Physical Education, Design, and Individuals and Society - thus making their admission/transfer to US universities easy with the possibility of early graduation, which in turn reduces cost.
School Partnerships
Some oversea/offshore business opportunities require the sponsorship of a US company. If your school is the right fit, ISBS would consider partnering with your school to help facilitate your offshore opportunities.
Business Services
ISBS provides consulting services to American businesses wishing to expand by exporting to Sub-saharan Africa. We help in identifying potential distributors and partners and other services as needed.
University Partnerships
Many local Sub-Saharan universities are constantly seeking opportunities to offer US degrees to their students, and ISBS can help foster such partnership. 
College Admission & Tours
College admission and college tours are part of our expertise. At ISBC, we help potential international students identify affordable colleges and universities and help with the admission process. We also organize college tours for potential international students and we have partnerships with local US non-profit organizations who provide college tour services.